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Cloud Paper

I was tasked with a design exercise for Cloud Paper, a brand focused on sustainability and high-quality paper products. The task involved creating social ad images for their popular bamboo toilet paper and a "back in stock" email for their new bamboo facial tissues. The challenge was to align with the bold and fun yet clean aesthetic while pushing the boundaries of their existing brand. The core messaging emphasized sustainability and the brand's commitment to being the #1 most sustainable paper brand. Leveraging photo assets and the brand book provided, I created mockups that not only showcased creativity but also reflected a deep understanding of Cloud Paper's unique identity and values. Check out my designs to witness how I brought together visual appeal and strategic messaging in line with Cloud Paper's mission.

Worksystems Internship

For my summer internship at Worksystems, I was in charge of elevating their social media game. I developed a comprehensive editorial calendar to seamlessly coordinate and schedule social media posts. One of the highlights was crafting and scheduling over 40 eye-catching social media graphics for their youth program, Connect2Careers.

I also conceptualized and implemented a cohesive social media theme. This included a custom color palette and a font guide to ensure a consistent and visually appealing online presence.

Check out the gallery to the right showcasing not only my favorite creations but a screenshot of their Instagram page showing the visual story I was able to create.

DeFiner Internship

During my internship with DeFiner, I crafted a collection of 52 distinct stock posts for the company's social media pages, adding a fresh and engaging vibe into their online presence. I also revamped previous company designs with a new style, breathing new life into the visual identity. I also undertook the task of structuring all the new and existing design files into a sleek online portfolio collection. This not only showcased my work but also streamlined accessibility for the team. Towards the end of the internship, I lent my skills to the development of the UI Design for the company's latest project. It was an exciting opportunity to contribute to a cutting-edge initiative.

Look through the gallery to the left and see some of my favorite designs I made!

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