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Anxiety Disorders



I created an infographic about anxiety disorders with a focus on college students. I decided to focus on anxiety because I have deep passion for mental health and I knew that anxiety was the most common mental health disorder in the world. I wanted to specifically highlight college students because that's when people tend to go through a big transition and it's also when a lot of mental disorders start to develop. To start off the project, I did a lot of research and then I figured out what I wanted to specifically highlight.


After organizing all the research, I moved on to the design of the infographic.

I decided on this blue and purple color theme because I felt it worked with the informative theme of the infographic.

I included statistics, pie charts and illustrations in order to help aid the information and help keep the reader engaged throughout the poster.

Final Design + Closeup

For the final design, I changed the style of the illustrations I used in earlier drafts and added an engaging background. I then made a quick mockup of what it would look like in real. Overall, this is one of my favorite projects I've done. It was so rewarding to be to combine my passion for mental health and my love for design into one cohesive thing.

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