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Game App Design


A group of 10 designs students including myself got the chance to join a Computer Science class where they were tasked with creating a functioning mobile game. My team decided to make a game is called National Treasure 3, based off the movie National Treasure. I designed all the characters, monsters, items, icons and I did the wireframes. The characters are based off of characters in the movies. Since I didn’t have a lot of experience with illustrating, I wanted to keep the character designs pretty simple and am very happy about how it came out. For color, my team and I decided on a gold-ish yellow to match the treasure hunting theme of the movie. This was such a great opportunity to learn what it’s like working with a team and gave me a little bit of sneak peek of what it’ll be like in a real design job. 

Game App Mockup.png
Rent-a-Cat App: Projects


Finished Design

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