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Email Design


This is one of my class projects I did in my Digital Media for Web class and we were tasks with creating an email design for a new donut shop opening in the area. We had full control on the brand of the donut shop so I decided to give the shop a luxury feel to it. I felt that would draw customers in since donut shops are typically playful rather than fancy so this would stand out. I included a hero image, highlighted 2 flavors in the body of the email, a "Get Directions" button, socials and an "unsubscribe" button. To the right, you can see the desktop and mobile versions.


Problem Statement

Tom Douglas, one of Seattle’s premier restaurateurs is opening his first gourmet donut shop. At the launch he’ll be offering two kinds of donuts. He wants to send all of his customers an email letting them know about his new store, the two donuts he’ll be offering and directions to his store. Based on his other restaurants, he already has an email distribution list for his guests with over 100,000 emails. Tom Douglas can’t wait to see options for email designs so he can send them out quickly and begin driving traffic to his store.


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