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I was tasked with creating a brand and had to come up with the entire brand identity and I figured a donut shop would be fun to create! I started off with researching what a typical donut shop brand identity looked like, for example, the usual colors of a donut shop and what the logos tend to look like. I then moved on to some sketches and name ideas and then moved on to sketching some ideas in Adobe Illustrator.

Jelli Donuts


Brand Identity Design


Business Card

Stamp Card


Donut Box

After getting the logo and its variations down, I moved on to creating the business card, stamp card, donut box and envelope designs. Usually donut shop colors are pink but I wanted to move away from that a bit so I used pink, purple and yellow for my base colors. My goal was to choose colors and a typeface that would make customers feel welcomed and intrigued.

Prints + Mockups

I then made a physical prototype of the donut box and printed out the business card, stamp card and the letterhead and envelope. Lastly, I made a mockup of all the print materials.

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