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Problem Statement

Pantone is coming out with a new color that will have a profound impact on designers. They're looking for ways to promote this new color. One of the deliverables they have requested is a landing page because this format can focus on all the benefits of this new color and the value to designers. Pantone's goal is to capture leads from this landing page via a form. Designers can complete the form with their contact info so they can be the first to know when the new color comes out and when all the new materials will be available.  

User Persona

Pantone Color Launch


Landing Page Design

I was tasked with creating a landing page for a introducing a new color created by Pantone. I made the choice to have Pantone collaborate with the make up company Lacôme to help promote the launch of this new color. I first started off with the problem statement and creating a user persona related to it

Sketch and Research


I started with researching images that would appeal to the user persona and fit with the color palette of the new color. I then moved on to sketching my ideas for the way I wanted to landing page to look like. I then moved on to working in Adobe XD and bringing my sketches and ideas to life.

Final Design



I included a hero image that called attention to the collaboration along with a "Shop Now" and "Download" button. Towards the end I also included reviews as a social proof for the product. I then went through a group critique and made some changes, created the final drafts for the mobile and web versions and created a mockup.

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