Product Design


I created animal themed pot holders called Frenemies. Each pair are two animals that are notorious for not getting along (cat and dog, snake and mouse). I decided to do this because I saw a pot holder on the counter and thought about what if there were animal themed pot holders. Also, I love animal themed products and figured it would be a fun thing to make. The audience is fellow animal lovers that love to cook! My brand is just a fun, light hearted company that aims to make people’s day brighter with fun little products. When making this product, I had to consider what I could and couldn’t do and since I had experience with crocheting and cross stitching, I knew I would be able to figure out how to sew. I also had to consider packaging and realized that products like this usually don’t come in packaging and usually have a small tag that folds over them and so I wanted to mimic that. I hand sewed the potholders and then later used a sewing machine. I also embroidered the animal faces and painted the mouths. I decided to do this because I knew the mouth part would be the one touching hot surfaces and didn’t want the embroidery floss to get burned and knew the paint wouldn’t. For the typography for the tag, I wanted to illustrate the frenemies theme and so chose 2 typefaces that were opposite of each other along with using complementary colors.

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