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Rent-a-Cat App: Projects
Sketches + Wireframes
Annotated Wireframe

User Needs Statement

Cat lovers that can’t take care of cats long term need to have a way of temporarily rent cats that live nearby in order to fulfill their desire to be around cats.

User Persona
Cameryn User Persona.png
Rent-a-Cat App


Mobile App Design

I decided to make this app because of my love for animals, especially cats, and I knew other shared that love to. I also know a lot of people are busy with work and other things and can't have a cat full time so I came up with the idea to rent one for a short period of time. I first came up with a user and persona to go with it.

After that, I started drafting some wireframes starting with the landing page then moving on to the registration page and so on. I mainly used Adobe XD to create the wireframes along with a bit of illustrator to create the pattern in the background and some of the button icons.

I then made an annotated wireframe with Invision and then moved on to creating the final designs. Finally I made a mock up to show how the screens would look on a real phone.

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